Friday, January 23, 2009

2nd Edition

I have been working diligently, since my wife and I retired, to create an ebook that would tell of our travels and also bring up points that proved to be snags for us along the way. I am close to putting that book out for the public to buy and use.

The book has major chapters on Agency and Recruiter selecting, Housing and many more.
We have included the problems that we encountered with licensing and dishonest recruiters, what happened and how we moved to never let that happen.

There are amusing anecdotes and there is a trail of "You know you are a nurse when" jokes through the chapters. We are hoping that it will be popular because of content but also because it is written for travelers they can download and keep it on their laptops and not have to carry around some more articles to take up space in the car. It also appeals to the "Greening Movement" because it is a pdf file and not another waste of a perfectly good tree.

Keep your eyes out for the launch date and hope with us that it will meet with success and popularity!!!

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